Friday, July 25, 2014

Headline Poem 7/25/14 -- A To-Do (Better) List

Today, a to-do (better) list inspired by tomorrow's full moon in Leo -- focusing on inner strength, creativity, and healing as the foundation in which to guide ourselves and share with others. 

A To-Do (Better) List:

Love completely, especially when hurt. 
Judge less, especially myself. 
Heal, period. 
Smile deeply, and genuinely with the intent to uplift. 
Be compassionate, particularly when others don't make it easy. 
Be kind, to myself first. 
Not make others miserable (even if I feel miserable). 
Embrace and flow with an occasional rage. 
Communicate rather than alienate. 
Not act tough when I don't have to. 
Trust without fear. 
Let go of negativity, even when it wants to stay. 
Live in the present moment.
Ask for help in nice ways. 
Lower walls rather than raise them. 
Be aware of my facial expressions. 
Take things that aren't that serious less seriously. 
Feel completely. 
Forgive authentically.