Sunday, July 20, 2014

Headline Poem 7/20/14 -- I look

Today's poem is based on this new campaign headline
meant to empower women to stand up for themselves, and change within, the unrealistic beauty standards being set for them. There are several key words and phrases that inspired "I look." 

I look 

I look for her face 
in random
as we approach the city 
where she now resides. 
A move I'm sure meant to hide 
from the past that they created 
and I despise. 
She doesn't 
deserve an encounter with me. 
She'd freeze. Because 
from what I know, 
she's not very good with words. 
they're written on a page or 
in lessons where she 
probably thrives 
when prepared  
and organized. 
But I don't know. 
Meeting me would throw 
her into a rope 
and cause her throat 
to knot like her stomach 
that turns in too many directions, 
abandoning the things 
she's supposed to hold dear. 
I'm not real clear 
except I suspect that her
disrespect is
caused by years of 
being ignored, 
or treated like a whore. 
In actuality, it's not fair of me 
to speculate about 
her reality.