Monday, July 21, 2014

Headline Poem 7/21/14 -- Bliss


I've been praying to the rocks 

and sun and salt 

and redwood trees

of the beautiful North Coast since it first took my breath away. 

Today. I rediscovered my love for 

this place. 

I surrendered long ago to the birds and words, whispered to me on the beach near Trinidad where I'd feel my dad. 

I cried in coffee shops over freshly made scones as I 

woke early and then drove 


learn to 

become a teacher to my beloved 

country kids in Fortuna. 

I listened as my colleague-turned-friend mourned the loss of them, 

her parents in Nashville, 

who she'd never see again 

because in June they died 


and she left me in charge 

and I thrived 

and she was proud of me (though today, for some unknown reason, we don't speak). 

Her presence comforted me. Then. 

I let life lead

as it circled and swayed 

and bent and brought 

old friends back 

and made new ones real. 

So it is... today

in the beauty

I embraced my blood, 

thick that runs

red, and

as brilliant as the brightest thread.

I love this place 

which has held 

my hand 

and caressed my heart 

through many endings and new starts. 

So it is... today.