Sunday, July 13, 2014

Headline Poem 7/13/14 -- Running with the bulls, ya marriage is kinda like that

My husband and I got married 13 years ago tomorrow on July 14, 2001 -- Bastille Day, and also the last day of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. It seems fitting, especially as of late, that we said 'I do' while thousands of adrenaline junkies ran with wild animals (that at any minute could kill them) through the streets of Spain. Cheers to us for making it this far, and cheers to all of you who also try! I think we're fucking incredible! 😉

Running with the bulls, ya marriage is kinda like that 

I said 'I do'
On a day people (by choice)
run along side animals 
who can,
at any minute, 
maim, kill, or eat 
Adventure seeking
Fools, I tell you! 

Marriage is kinda like that. 

to jump in with all of our hearts 
and run 
freaked out and thrilled through streets 
regardless of the weather, 
or safety ratings, 
full speed into each other,
to make 
it out safely 
and alive 
with all of our limbs and 
all of our parts. 

We tease each other. 
We flash and flaunt 
red scarves in one another's faces and say hey! 
Look at me! 
Are you angry? 
Is this working?
Do you feel like chasing and stabbing me, 
and making me bleed?

We know there will be casualties, and wars, but we also know the beauty of the reward 
And we see 
all we really need 
is for 
something so dangerous 
to feel safe, 
for the bull in all of us
to stop running once in awhile 
put our rage 
need to be right,

And stand upright

     face to face with the one 
who makes us more frustrated than anyone 
and say

I'll play this silly
Fucked up game 
because it's one that's always been played. 
In the name of tradition, I will chase and be chased, 
I will run. 


when this madness is done,
and we're alone
And the crowds have gone home,
Let's make amends. 
Let's be friends. 
Let's dance together 
without intentionally
stepping on
each other's 
Let's both win in the end.