Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Headline Poem 7/23/14 -- Some things are hard to explain

(Ramone's in Eureka)

Seven months ago, I was sitting at Ramone's coffee shop in Eureka, Ca. when I started to write a poem in my head about a headline in the local Times Standard newspaper. It was December 31st. A new year was about to begin, and I decided to challenge myself to try to write a poem a day in 2014 based on a headline in the news. As I began this process, I promised myself I would (attempt to) stay balanced -- No freaking out if I couldn't find a headline. No getting obsessed if I was too busy to write. And no worrying about whether or not my writing was "good enough." My goal was simply to create, to capture the world through words, and to do this daily. Since starting, a poem a day has become a part of me. I didn't know it at the time, but this process, this taking time for myself, and this poetry would become something I needed. It is extremely therapeutic. It is beautiful. I'm so glad I decided to start, and I'm proud I have continued. If you have read any of my poems, cool. If you have hated them, that's okay. If you have been moved by them, I'm glad. Thank you for letting me share regardless. 
Who knows, maybe I'll go beyond one year, but for now... Cheers to five more months! ❤️

Today's poem is inspired by something, well, that is hard to explain. Apparently, Eureka is experiencing sporadic, loud, mysterious booms, and has been for awhile. These sounds have made the news, and today while hiking in the redwoods, we heard one. Here is today's poem... 

Some things are hard to explain 

Some things are hard to explain 
songs of doubt you 
don't dare let out,
with the same lyrics 
as the ones you sing to yourself,
in your head, 
but that are written by 
someone else
auction-announcer voices, 
asparagus pee (you know what I mean), 
and the movie Drop Dead Fred. 

The rate 
at which some animals graze 
  run free. 
Most of the differences between berries are a mystery to me. 
I know the astrological signs of 
former presidents 
and their wives, 
but have yet to put to memory 
my driver's license number. 
I'm pretty sure there's a three. 

Bumper stickers --
I say make love. Period. ✌️
Organic food costs so much more,
death is something we're afraid to explore. 
Sleezy hotels collect rent, and apples 
can be granny or gala, 
green or red. 

Leftovers never taste as good 
unless it's 
cold pizza at 2 a.m. 
Bowling shoes are cool, 
until you think about their use. 
Friendships shouldn't have rules, 
and Home Depot sells too many tools!