Monday, July 7, 2014

Headline Poem 7/7/14 -- On the eve of your birth

A little personal reflection tonight on the eve of our second son's birth. 

On the eve of your birth 

July 7, 2004
I tossed, but could not manage a turn. I stayed up 
Hand to my belly, feeling you move, 

In mere hours I'd feel your skin. 

I know we made you a Cancer when you were probably destined to be a Leo. 
You lead like a lion, but retreat like the crab. King of your jungle,
Face of the moon. I longed for you. 

You were perfect when you were born. Though,
You swallowed fluid and couldn't be held by me 
for a day
While I recovered. I pumped my liquid gold 
And made my way to you. 

Gavin Isaac Scott, our little, soaring, 
Precious hawk. I know you 
Fear you are not good enough, 

So everyday, Mark my spot. I stop to say, and I hope to convey 
You matter to me and to us. 

You are 
A miracle, a puzzle, a source. 
I drink you in, though sometimes,
I cannot relate to the taste, and hesitate. 
You are learning. We are learning. 

You, our son, are an incredible being. 
You are loved. You are adored.