Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Headline Poem 4/29/14 -- Ball Meets Chain, Again

George Clooney is engaged. Many believed the day would never come. Mr. Clooney himself even made a $100,000 bet that he'd never marry again. Guess it's time for him to pay up!

Ball Meets Chain, Again 

Among the passionless bodies
Some limp like fish,
you rise to the surface

Body not hollow from lack of sun
and nutrients and things 
gone all wrong
This is actually fun

You learned the hard way pill form
is not the same
You can't suck the marrow out of life 
If you haven't got your own 

It will ruin your insides and your name
If ball meets chain, 
you tried to cut the wire before 
Forgetting the weight, ignoring the depths


Let no ill will be kept between friends
You are free to dream 
without mistake
I will judge you hard, for a minute
I will laugh at your body, 
and beg that you reap what you sow, 
but my laughter will fade 

Because I know that my heart 
is no ordinary thing that beats and pumps and glistens 
My heart hurts,
but it forgives
Even though you rubbed the embers to make hot wood,
I do not judge

I release you, and wish you good
I'm pleased love came your way