Friday, April 18, 2014

Headline Poem 4/18/14 -- he distanced himself from the ocean

(Photo credit Google Image) 
This is today's headline, and here is today's poem.

he distanced himself from the ocean

a sluggish man moves like he
sweeps like he moves,
going through motions,
he pushes,
poisoned from the inside,
he stumbles.

once a man of integrity and esteem,
he was beaten down by his lover's dream,
a nightmare of sorts,
she damaged his heart,
he ruined his brain,
he walked away from the birds,
and the rain.
he abandoned the trees,
he distanced himself from the ocean,
he cursed the breeze.

he chose hate and anger,
a losing streak
of hit and miss,
no give, just take.
he stopped smiling, his eyes became black,
there were monsters in the closet,
they were living in rot,
inside his veins,
they took over his name.
they crept in when he wasn't looking.
he was in pain.

he wailed,
i reached for you, and you left me in sin.
it's not your fault. 
i needed to learn how to unbreak our hearts,
on my own.

too proud to ask for directions, though it was clear they were lost.
how can you be found if you're not?
this is the out, their chance to start fresh,
to move on,
to leave,
to take what they want.

But, when
freedom arrived wearing fresh linen,
wrinkled, but comfortable,
a choice was given.
they chose to heal. 
they don't want to leave.
they want to be bound
by nurturing hopes,
flexible strings,
and friendship rings.
love lets you leave.
love has wings,
of gold and blue,
lapis lazuli,
he partly thanks you.