Thursday, April 3, 2014

Headline Poem 4/3/14 -- 1966

1966 time capsule (Photo credit Yahoo News)
Today, I read this headline about a time capsule found by contractors in Arizona. In 1966, on her husband's 31st birthday, Betty Klug put together letters, pictures, and even a little bit about the world's events, and hid them under her home. Her husband had no idea. She died ten years later in a car accident, and the home was sold by the widower in the 1980's. The contractors were able to track down Bruce Klug and present the time capsule contents to him. Here is "1966."


So much is happening. 
This year. It seems everything 
is getting longer. 
The Vietnam War. 
Young mens' Beatle-crazed hair. 
The list of dead brothers who aren't coming home. 
My love is the one thing I am
certain of.