Friday, April 4, 2014

Headline Poem 4/4/14 -- Bumbleberry Pie and a Diet Coke

I read this headline today about the 5 experiences every Utahn should have. On the list, of course, are the National Parks, including my favorite -- Zion. It made me think of a diner in one of these small towns, and so, here is today's poem. 

Bumbleberry Pie and a Diet Coke 

A large, lonely man orders a slice of Bumbleberry Pie and a Diet Coke,
a truck driver Protected by his steel framed machine, 
          it keeps him occupied,
          it keeps him away. 
Sleeves folded, fingers dry and split, he eats. 

This is a long-cherished family recipe chimes the waitress, 
hardened from too many late night conversations and not enough tips. 
She's probably my age, 
but I feel preppy and naive  
Watching her work 
the tables, 
imagining the life she's lived, 
Stretches of Catch and Release in between cigarettes and anti-wrinkle cream. 

Her family secrets and 
replaced the fresh meat and roots of those who spoke to the hills
Rather than to Jesus,
Not phony like a fireplace and steel-toed shoes. 
          Are you listening on the other end? 

She smiles, 
our eyes meet. 
I want to follow her home 
to see if she has a 
          man who calls her honey 
          and babies who call her mom.