Saturday, April 19, 2014

Headline Poem 4/19/14 -- The Walls of Naples

Naples, Italy (Photo credit Google Image)
Today's poem is inspired by this headline about pizza -- "Italy awards the world's best pizza maker title to an Australian Chef." I could have gone in a few different directions with this poem -- the victory, Naples itself, or the line, "there is no hiding anything that isn't right." I went with a combination.

The Walls of Naples

Built by human hands,
callous, calculated, and planned.
They did not go up
randomly or apologetically.
They were placed,
like ingredients in a fine recipe,
this brick is yours, 
that one is mine.
A pinch of basil, 
a touch of time.
A winner is announced, 
echos the city. 
The competition's over. 
The walls of Naples
seem stronger at night,
yet at any moment,
can be taken down,
slowly, strategically,
or with a force so genuine,
and so raw,
no room for 
for nobility.