Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Headline Poem 4/16/14 -- Clay County Creek, South Dakota

License plate from the found 1960 Studebaker (Photo credit ABC News)
Today, I read this story about two girls who went missing in South Dakota in 1971. The car they were driving has been found all of these years later at the bottom of a recently dried up creek. They have determined the girls were in a car accident on their way to a party.

Clay County Creek, South Dakota

Life has gone on
without us.
Troubles seem bigger because of
our absence.
We know you were scared
and lost trust.
We didn't mean to leave you with
fear and unrest.
We were together.
Our bodies were trapped,
but our souls escaped.
We joined you at parties,
and ate birthday cake.
We held your hand
when you learned how to skate.
We loved you from here.
That was our fate.