Friday, April 11, 2014

Headline Poem 4/11/14 -- Friendship

So, Hilary Clinton had a shoe thrown at her. Today's poem is super loosely based on this story, and this headline about the shoe thrower being released. I focused on the actual shoe and who would be there to help me dodge it, or even through it back if it happened to me.


a dance after work with the music turned up
gummy worms and honeycomb
from your favorite candy shop
eyes, arms, and ears open
from beginning to end
listening to you share
until you are done

without judgment
and without fame
they are the reason
you can stay the same

grounded when you want to float
floating when you want to stay

friendship smiles on you
you know it's real
whether dodging a flying shoe or
sharing an amazing meal,
friends laugh at you and help you
laugh at
reminding you that you aren't that important
and that life is not that serious

as kids, we all drank tap from water hoses
and played in the middle of the street
together, we can do anything!