Thursday, April 24, 2014

Headline Poem 4/24/14 -- Dr. Jerry

Three Americans have been killed in Afghanistan. Internet still sketchy, so no link. Among the dead, a doctor -- killed by a man who was supposed to be protecting him. 

Dr. Jerry

Life dedicated to serving 
and saving the world's 
     most      vulnerable      and      weak. 

     immense      and      deep. 

Married for thirty-four years,
he      retires      each      night 
listening to songs of gunshots -- 
a tune he'd rather not learn. 
The melody shrill. It repeats. 

Rotten harmony among the dead. 
The bullets whiz, 
     through      tears      and      blood,
muscle and sinew, stretched, 

Fear rings through all artificially-trusted sides 
     and      corners. 

Dr. Jerry protects while 
     enemies      lurk. 

Westerners are trapped, 
and attacked,
while alienation is on the rise,
getting higher with the April heat. 
     Defeat.      Retreat. 

No one is safe. 
No one is safe.