Monday, April 14, 2014

Headline Poem 4/14/14 -- Dinner with Thoreau

Blood Moon (Photo credit USA Today)
Tonight, there is a Blood Moon, a lunar eclipse, reddish because it is passing through Earth's shadow. I read about this on the CBS Boston News site. Boston made me think of Massachusetts, which made me think about Thoreau, who I was discussing this evening. I remembered his poem titled "The Moon." I read it, and wrote this.

Dinner with Thoreau

We sat in silence.
We did not speak.
We feasted on sprouts 
and winter beans.

The moon was red
and orange,
like skin mixed with clay.
Warm and smooth
at the end of the day.

The sky matched
the man,
which matched the ground.
Connected in an
unsubtle way.

It is obvious
I am supposed to
glimmer here,
in the stillness
that has no fear.

Listen to the water.
Find solace in the light.
I whispered,
I feel a miracle.
He smiled,
that is right.