Monday, April 28, 2014

Headline Poem 4/28/14 -- The Velvet Coat

The Clippers basketball team owner has made racists comments. Many are speaking out, outraged, and demanding justice. Spike Lee spoke out earlier against Don Sterling, and said that if you care about humanity, you will not just sit by. This inspired today's poem. 

The Velvet Coat 

Gold lining in the velvet coat. 
I rub the inside pocket until it starts to snarl and seperate. 
No one sees what I've done to the inside seam, and if they do, they're not sharing. Until. 
They can no longer ignore the owner and praise the dream. 
They think it's perfect. 
And they always will. Because they want to. 
I have a loan-to list a mile long
with no intention of following through.