Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Headline Poem 4/2/14 -- In Montana

Fishing the Yellowstone River (Photo credit Google Image)
I read this story today about Co-Ops. The reference to Montana took me back to the Yellowstone River, and a beautiful summer afternoon where nature had the upper hand.

In Montana

In Montana, he
along the mighty    
Yellowstone River,
   his newly purchased line in
     over and over,
     walking, lost,
but with purpose.

The river smiles, eerily. She knows this game.
Shallow and inviting,
and aloof.

Men. All around, scrawny and big-boned,
catch      fish     to bring home for dinner,
bigger than he's ever    seen.

The out-of-towner sees no nibbles.
An osprey begins to circle
the yellow river
Hello, you're not from around here.
Let me show you how it's done.

The man,
patiently impatient, watches
     down      below. 
The bird has options,
swoops in,
     and leaves the      visiting      river      man
jealous within.

The healthy catch is taken,
risen high above
     the rushing water,
within arm's length,
    let go.

Dropped, the bird mocks.
The fish      flops,
clinging to    waterless life.
Gills   stretch      in   and      out.

The man runs to see what
he did not catch.

Oh what he wouldn't give for those  
     bragging rights!
the osprey,
with the
upper     hand,
laughs, flies away,