Sunday, January 5, 2014

Headline Poem 1/5/14 -- Inheriting a Marriage

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Today's poem is based on the news in Italy regarding Pope Francis and gay marriage. The Vatican is denying that Pope Francis directly supports gay marriage, and claims his recent statements reveal that he is sensitive to the fact that domestic situations are changing. Not all children go home to two married parents, and if they do, it's not necessarily a man and a woman.

Regardless of where the Pope, or anyone, stands on this topic, today's poem is for all of us. Whether you grew up in a home with a happy marriage, a broken marriage, or no marriage at all, you inherited one. We all did. 

Inheriting a Marriage 

The knobs of knees 
Worn from prayer
Do not go gentle into that altered night
Like fins in an algae covered net, you will be trapped 

Inheriting a marriage 
Decades later 
Different jewels 
Remember not the jaded rules
Lacking smiles 
Palms smooth from running the hands of the devil across the soul
Jagged edges no more

Inheriting a marriage 
That's not my name 
The mirror belongs to no one
The soap, the winter chill
Frozen water is not ice 
It is melted love 
Cold, but not hard
Do not freeze 

Inheriting a marriage
Two together walking side by side
Compassionate strangers in life
Cradle full of the makings of one
Hide while you can
This one will run

Inheriting a marriage
Stand not in my shadows
Make your own
Four working hands
Skip, create, love
Messy smiles 
Sloppy floors 
Hilarious togetherness
A partnership of understanding 
Not always in like, but always in love

Inheriting a marriage 
Voices don't match, but the words are the same 
Wood rotten from the inside
The house is standing 
No one can figure out how 

Inheriting a marriage
The fish swim upstream
They die together
Brown, black, yellow, orange, cream

Inheriting a marriage
Respect your partner
Nurture their soul and your own
Touch their skin
Listen to them dream
Be kind 
Remember that when they hurt, you hurt
The greatest gift you can give is your heart 
That's the madness, that's the art