Monday, January 27, 2014

Headline Poem 1/27/14 -- this poem is about sitting

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Today, I read a headline about meditation. It seems all sorts of folks are now seeing the power in simply sitting, breathing, and of training the mind to be in a mode of consciousness. People are embracing the power of this self-regulating technique in the workplace, on the athletic field, in the classroom, and in their personal lives. Today's poem is my attempt to capture the tranquility, but difficulty, of being in the present moment. Here is a link that may be helpful.

this poem is about sitting

for all the world to see
not on the top of a building
or at the front of a ship at sea
but here and now
in this poem
upon this ground
that is solid and fair
it is about looking at this moment in time,
not ahead or behind

this poem is about sitting
not with my head in the clouds
or in the sand
not anywhere but here

there is coffee to drink
and there are dishes to do
there are authors to read
poems to write
lights to turn off
dust to sweep
engine oil lights to check
noses to wipe
kisses to give (can i do that in this poem about sitting?)

this poem is about sitting
not as black or white
democrat or republican
American or Vietnamese
this poem is not about choosing
between chunky or smooth
appetizers or a main dish
brown or white rice
caffeine or decaf
chocolate or vanilla
butter or no butter
toilet paper rolled over or under
i see you smile -- you have this same dilemma
there are more...
flannel or crisp 100% cotton
pedal down or on cruise control
long or short
smooth or rough
for here or to go?

to go, to go where?
where is everyone going?
ok, sorry, don't answer that,
this is a poem about sitting
in the moment
breathing in the fresh air of life
and listening to it
each and every deep ambiguous breath
in and out
listen to it
and to nothing else
let nothing disturb your equanimity

do not let your sixth grade teacher in to this poem about sitting
or your ex boyfriend
or the last song you heard on Pandora radio
or cartoons you remember from your youth
or start to plan out your next meal
there is no time to hum the "living spaces" ad
this is not a poem about walking or talking or thinking
about the past or the future
this poem requires no plans


and now it is done.