Monday, January 13, 2014

Headline Poem 1/12/14 -- Pant-less Practices

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No Pants Subway Ride #NPSR 2014 is here! Started in New York, NY 13 years ago, it's now an annual event. Improv Everywhere started this pantless tradition in 2002, and now people all over the world are partaking. The premise is to go without trousers, look "normal" on top, and if confronted, just pretend it's a coincidence that your fellow passengers are also without clothing on their lower halves. Obviously, this was pretty natural to write.

Pant-less Practices

People wait all year
To pounce on the subway or train
Wearing half of what they probably should
Partaking in pant-less practices,
Showered (hopefully) in pride, perfume, and undergarments, 
These bold, pragmatic pioneers 
Pretend it's all proper in spite of their silly, planned predicament.