Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Headline Poem 1/14/14 -- selfie surrender

(Photo credit Paul Zizka/Caters News)

I love photography, and I love nature. Great pictures tell stories; they capture special moments in time that will never happen again. "Selfie" is a new term, and most people know what this is -- pictures taken of yourself. Plenty of people post selfies on Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis. We see people, appropriately and inappropriately, capturing their whereabouts and what-doings. We have become comfortable sharing #widn "What I'm doing now" with others. 

The headline that caught my eye today was "Photographer puts everyday selfies to shame." Whether these pictures are selfies or not, is up for debate. Nonetheless, they are beautiful images of man and nature co-existing. The artist, Paul Zizka, truly captures the intensity and calm of our natural world. Here is a link to some of his photography, and here is my headline poem for the day...

selfie surrender

blades of green grass
soil brown as it should be
moist stillness, endless gaze
messages swirl with nightly winds
peacefully he sits
selfie surrender 

measurements of height irrelevant in the night
do not stand
run your fingertips along the speechless earth
patiently waiting for absolutely nothing
the joy in surrendering to no words
no room for pictures not present
all else seems false and materialistic
hard to explain to those who do not
peacefully he sits
selfie surrender

colors are real, here
not captured in a waxy stick
what i'm doing now
for all to see
an artist takes what has existed long before him and makes it new
peacefully he sits
selfie surrender

eyes open, no fear of blinking
it's been captured by a click
it's okay
moment saved to share and reflect
if you had to explain it, could you?
peacefully he sits
selfie surrender