Friday, January 24, 2014

Headline Poem 1/24/14 -- Although there is a baby

Today's headline poem is about a woman in Texas who is brain dead, pregnant, and on life support.  Her husband and family claim she would not want to live this way, her lawyer says the baby is "abnormal," and today a judge ordered she be taken off life support by Monday. 

Although there is a baby

Although there is a baby,
Where is the dignity 
as a woman 
Unable to breathe and bathe 
Birth her unborn child on her own continues to lie but not thrive?

Although there is a baby,
What kind of life exists when she cannot feel the baby inside,
of movements and precious moments
Milestones undocumented?

Born to a brother and father 
the memory of her,
Mother who tried to carry you 
Together now and forever
Life outside the womb 
Is not meant to be