Sunday, January 26, 2014

Headline Poem 1/26/14 -- swim

(Photo credit global

This man is 104. He is a competitive swimmer, and is breaking records. A new age group is being created because he is about to turn 105.


like an elderly polar bear,
slow and respected,
stopping means death
that is not an option,
not yet

doctors say he should not swim
rest, stay on the sidelines
that would kill him within

his arms are injured,
but he gently plunges in
he loves the challenge
of competing against no one

alone in the water
fragile body gracefully
makes its way from one end to the other
he savors every slow moment

cheers urge him on
wet lanes welcome
the aches, muscles, and pain
they disappear
only rhythm remains

head taps the side of the pool
no need to check the footage
he's won

after the race,
he glides over to the side
where there is
a walker waiting for assistance

if only he could swim on land...