Sunday, February 9, 2014

Headline Poem 2/9/14 -- Mermaid Divers of Japan

(Photo credit Iwase Yoshiyuki Estate)

Today's poem is based on a story I saw on CBS Sunday Morning about the Ama Divers of Japan. One particular woman diver highlighted was an 80 year-old grandmother. What a beautiful story of stamina and tradition. It definitely makes me want to learn more.

Mermaid Divers of Japan

Lungs swell
as they take the fearless plunge
in search of sea food
mythical, magical mermaids
dive over and over again
for treasures,
and the thrill of the hunt

Nude bodies glisten in the sun,
under water for hours,
coming up briefly to fill with air,
and deliver the goods

With humble dedication,
he sits in the boat, 
like he has for years,
armed with a little less stamina and a little less fat,
he knows this is a woman's game
and his role as loyal husband, is to wait 

Clad in a wetsuit now,
she'll take hundreds of dives
for 50 pounds of food
30 miles off the coast
of Hegura Island 

Rich with sleek-physiqued tradition,
beautiful mermaid divers,
a celebration of daughters,
and no time to slow down

Now, she trains her granddaughter to carry on