Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Headline Poem 2/4/14 -- hidden alaska

(Photo credit CNN)

Today's headline -- Alaska has the highest report of rape in the nation. CNN columnist John D. Sutter recently traveled to the 49th state to try to find out why. 75 villages in Alaska have no law enforcement presence. 59% of women in Alaska will be raped, beaten, assaulted, or threatened with violence in their lifetimes. Here is a link with ways to show support, and to help make Alaska a safer place.

hidden alaska

there is a hidden alaska
the tourists don't see
hours of daylight
with no rescue plea

cruise ships swish past glaciers
on the wide open sea
but she has secrets,
hidden by waves
suffocating from being on display
always near, on the edge
like reading tea leaves without a key

the scenery is beautiful
but then they go away
left with hurt and decay
another one was raped today

always vulnerable.
no one to call
rotten relatives
passed out on the wall
not a cop in this place.
only airplanes in winter,
hours away
never safe. 

it is a cycle they are trying to break