Saturday, February 15, 2014

Headline Poem 2/15/14 -- A rock full of love

(Photo credit ABC News)

Ellen Page came out as a gay woman yesterday at the Human Rights Campaign's Time to Thrive conference benefiting LGBT youth. This poem is for her, and all of those needing a rock full of love. 

A rock full of love

There's been a boulder on my chest
Smothering my every move
Controlling who I love,
and what I show the world
Rocks aren't supposed to hold you,
or make you feel a fool,
But mine did because I let it, 
even it was confused. 

Most days I didn't care if my rock stayed there forever
Maybe it's for the best that you suffocate me so,
taking my life by squashing my breath,
the world doesn't need to know. 

Then I looked around at all the others stuck,  
and I called out --

Those fake rocks are hollow,
like paper mâché 
Not of the earth, they are man-made. 
Like balloons filled with water, or dirty air,
those inflated stones are heavy from our own despair. 
We can pop them. 
We can lighten their weight. 
We can control their strength. 
Together, we must give those ugly mounds a shove
They are not to hold us down.
From my rock I stand now, free and unafraid
My voice echos in the canyons... 
More love is made.