Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Headline Poem 2/19/14 -- much to marvel over

(Photo credit Rick Smolan/Against All Odds Productions, 2012)

Today is Amy Tan's birthday -- Happy birthday! She wrote an eloquent and reflective Facebook post this evening about how grateful she is to live the life she does -- as a writer, wife, dog owner, daughter, granddaughter, and friend. Her post ended with this line, and has inspired today's poem... "I wish you many things to marvel over."

much to marvel over

sometimes its's hard to be grateful
without sounding superficial
and materialistic
because really
all that matters
is food,
and love
there are those
who do not have what
we consider to be enough
they lack,
but are rich in ways
that those with money for days
are not
(poor are those who sit as the sun goes
down and only notice the bugs)

much to marvel over
when you have someone
who looks at you
and knows
when it is time to stop
and talk
and when it is time to walk away
(do they know you better than you do?)

much to marvel over
when you know when to follow
the recipe
and when to play it by ear
a pinch of this, a pinch of that
a meal on the table,
cooked with love
(perhaps with a little more salt and butter than you're used to,
but you're not complaining)

much to marvel over
when there is a soul
in this world
that can silent laugh with you for four minutes straight
triggered by a childhood memory
or running late
(bonus when it is your mom
who you used to make fun of
for the way she dressed, especially the colorful socks that matched nothing else)
and now in subtle ways,
you are proud to become like her
when you simultaneously and uncontrollably
until you can barely breathe
needing a tissue to wipe the happy tears
from your shiny face

much to marvel over
when you enter your house after a long day
knowing there will be free entertainment,
which may include
magic tricks,
a fresh game of go fish
dancing to music you know nothing about,
or silly, wiggly jumps from the couch
(back up, back up, you are too close)

much to marvel over
when you make connections
to the things you feel
and see
knowing your gifts and limitations (and sharing them)
times to push
and to
let things
simply be