Monday, February 17, 2014

Headline Poem 2/17/14 -- son of the desert

(Photo credit ABC News)

4-year-old Marwan, pictured above, was found alone in the desert by UN after being separated from his parents while fleeing Syria. He was later reunited with his family.

son of the desert

walking because 
instincts say to keep moving
barely able to fend for himself, 
his legs just go
no one to persuade 
with tantrums and selfish requests
he carries his belongings 
in his bag
a warrior, 
an eagle on a dusty road
he will die alone, 
thirsty and hungry 
at best
a victim turned victor, 
he is found
lost enough, 
all he needs now
is a hug, 
and for someone 
to tenderly wash his face
reunited, but still displaced
son of the desert, 
he will march on