Saturday, February 22, 2014

Headline Poem 2/22/14 -- In the house with the purple door

(Photo credit Mail Online)

Jessica Tatiana Long is a 17 time Paralymic medalist swimmer from Maryland. She was born in Russia, and was adopted by an American family. When she was 18 months old, the lower half of her legs were amputated due to being born with fibular hemimelia.  Tonight, her story, "Long Way Home" aired, which documented her travels back to Russia to visit her family -- both parents now married, and her brother and sister. Her mom was 16 when Jessica was born. Their house in Siberia has a purple door, and inspired today's poem.

In the house with the purple door

secret spring lovers 
upon the snow covered streets
    a dog barks
awaken heart, 
today we sing our battle cry.

words written in the dark
too young for raising
welcome baby girl
we release you.

so sweet inside the halls
a shadow hovers over love
crippled, but not broken,
under an endless sky
not alone 
two halves make a whole.

set free to fly,
uncertain if she will ever know
where she first was given a name
changed, she has two.

calling her home where sun 
settles on the windowsill,
she returns to feel the wonder of them.

around the small table, 
they gather
in the house with the purple door.