Thursday, August 21, 2014

Headline Poem 8/21/14 -- Love

I read a post tonight that included some correspondence between Tolstoy and Ghandi on love and why we hurt each other. This inspired "Love."


hurts and sucks the life 
right out of us. 
And then puts it back, 
detached and attached, 
leaving us 
     needy, vulnerable, 
     feeling whole and feeling half. 
I'm not sure why we hurt 
each other      except that
we want a 
partner in our crime(s) 
for his heart and her heart 
to feel like mine,
hurt and broken and afraid, 
 but able to be remade
like a bed or a shed or a piece of forgotten bread, 
hidden but ready to be warmed 
and fed. 

Real love begins 
new promises are made, 
from places of wisdom and 
weaknesses and strengths. 

Like things that break, 
we are much more careful 
once we've seen 
the pieces and cracks
and lines 
of sharp, broken glass. 
It helps if you are 
the one who applies the glue too. 

Those who lose and hurt 
can feel pain 
and regain 
the love that is great 
is just the start. 
Forgiveness reigns 

     and must  be   where 
we begin. 

can't speak for you, 
but for me,
I swear 
that is the gift that 
continues to give.