Sunday, August 31, 2014

Headline Poem 8/31/14 -- In my twenties

This weekend the movie Wild premiers in Telluride, Colorado. I can hardly wait to see it, and since the movie is about Cheryl Strayed in her twenties, it inspired today's poem. 

In my twenties

I held your face in between 
my steady hands, 
calloused from distractions 
of my work, 
but otherwise smooth. 

I needed you,
but didn't think you 
needed to know. 
So I didn't tell you 
    until that day in the rain 
when you 
blew smoke in my face 
told me you loved me, 
but had to leave. 

You wondered out loud if 
that was the biggest mistake 
you'd ever make. 
 we took a walk 
and made    love down by 
the sycamore tree 
where crickets mocked 
and bats quietly flew East.