Thursday, August 28, 2014

Headline Poem 8/28/14 -- I'm


I'm a bird perched on a swing, 
a ladybug wandering 
while he waits 
for his wings.  
On a raft I float, on the moon, I gloat. 
I'm on fire. 
I'm a dog nestled on a brand new bed, 
heading to sleep after being well fed. 
I'm a lion who sunbathes in the plains and free spaces. 
I bend with the wind, which blows with unannounced faces. 
I'm flexible. I'm confident. I'm evening out, like a
picnic blanket fresh from the line, 
ready for the basket and a nice glass of wine. 
I'm a grand piano happy to play. 
I'm colorful in spite of the black and the white 
world in which some solely see. 
I sneak 
into living rooms and bring 
my friends with me. 
We make music and paint pictures 
and hang them on walls 
that wrap their arms around us all. 
I'm here with my whole heart, 
with my babies and thee. 
I love living this life meant