Saturday, August 9, 2014

Headline Poem 8/9/14 -- The kiss

Tonight, I read about the science of kissing and why we kiss. Interesting stuff. Here's today's poem.  

The kiss

It's better to be labeled 
than unable to change, 
referred to 
as passionate 
than a crazy other name. 

Things appear as small in mirrors 
(and other places)
as you want them 
to appear. 
Ask and you will see
 what answer is 
revealed (as truth) to you and 

Should you kiss in order to believe?

Your slime and moisture 
will mix 
in a 
science of ancient beauty 
wrapped up in stars, 
an Egyptian Milky Way of crevasses and 

You longed for water and 
depths to 
scale, measuring, 
completely unaware. 
Be aware 
of the feeling 
it creates 
climb the side walls. 
Because once you 
breathe it in 
wholeheartedly, it will stare at you, 
and make you stare back.