Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Headline Poem 8/20/14 -- the in between

I was trying to decide between the (becoming by the minute) controversial #icebucketchallenge and the crazy ass weather we are having with rain and thunder and lightening today for my headline poem. So, I combined the two and wrote about 'the in between.' Plus I have Common Core on the brain, and so to end with a question, asking your view about this challenge, seems right. 

the in between

sometimes when there's a decision 
to be made
it's okay to escape 
to the in between 
of ghosts and goblins and
 just ask me
I'm a libra, and
a bit about
such things

the in between 
is no place for the faint 
or weak
   (of heart
   or body 
   or mind)

sometimes you feel like you've 
a bucket of water on 
your head,
which doesn't make you a 
good person or 
bad, but simply wet instead


from head 
to toe

playing along 
with good intentions
        which are being questioned (again)

by those who have time 
to dig and rewind, 

but who may be worthy,
and god forbid, 

the water means 
you are willing 
to do
something you 
believe in
(and hopefully will follow 
before the ice melts)

some say they
are     wasting water, 
while it rains 
for the first time 

in months 

what say you?