Thursday, August 7, 2014

Headline Poem 8/7/14 -- Tongue Tied

Eminem is in concert tonight. I'm not seeing him, but still... 

Tongue Tied

My mouth's hot 
and the music's loud. 
Words float around my forehead and eyelids and crown,
But every single syllabus is drenched, heavy and wet,
from the weight of thinking 
too damn much. By the time,
the echo's about to turn to noise,
and the wave of rhythm searches for poise 
and sense to make 
and madness to smell and 
Grace to partake
and love to expell,
and i finally plan to 
let the lyrics 
roll, I stop in my tracks, 
Xing sign down,
steel on fire on wood on ice. 
I'm tongue tied 
by my own disguise.