Sunday, August 24, 2014

Headline Poem 8/24/14 -- My promise

My promise

My promise 
is to see you through eyes 
that are different than anyone else's. 

I'm sorry I abandoned you when we moved
 away and you were alone with our babies. 

   panicked and left to take 
care of our mess. 
I was trying to be the man 
and support you,
but leaving you made you leave me 
and hate me and fear me, 
and that's not what I intended. 

I'm sorry I hurt you. 
came home so many times 
to a nothing-really-left-of you 
self, but that unpredictability is gone
I feel 
safe(r) like you do. 

I f'd up and lost my way 
for so damn long, 
but the years have softened me,

You're my beautiful girl 
and I want to be a 
good man every day 
and night 
who lives, not to fight 
or retreat or eat, 
but to smile,
say I love you, and
mean it.