Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Headline Poem 10/28/14 -- Overview of Remorse

Overview of Remorse

The sun is so bright on the 
days you don't expect it to be
     so you stand, unprepared, blinded
by this thing that's good, but that hurts. 

You squint as a tractor drives by, 
with big wheels and endless pride
  But then --  it runs over 
what it's not supposed to, and

you scream like you would at an 
old lover who you are now forbidden to see because
your encounters were a release, 
a place to breathe,

but what mattered was scattered
and so it's now an 
     overview of remorse,
a thing that shines 
from an outside source 
that judges
when it shouldn't 

because    each    of    us 
has been in a place where we didn't belong, and have stood, completely assured that justice should be served when right is outbid by wrong,

but then when it happens to us,
our views on all kinds of rules start to change. 
    Maybe second chances aren't so         bad. 
    Maybe third aren't so bad either. 

Maybe it's when we walk in on our
own disposable 
that life starts to matter.