Monday, October 27, 2014

Headline Poem 10/27/14 -- It's right around the corner

It's right around the corner 

I love that you do not ask
for what you have yet to get. 
There really are no words to 
request such a thing, 
a web
sticky and sturdy and sweet,
a car parked under a bullet proof sky,
a full cloud above 
already green grass, floating suspiciously by,
a best friend wearing no mask,
a crown, the center of a tic tac, an open wound. 

It's waiting for the perfect temperature, a powerful storm,
for the eyes of it to open 
and feel warm. I'm here, and I'm ready, it will say. But not today. 

It's right around the corner, packaged as a spring sunset, or a pelican's feast-filled dream,
natural, instinctive, perplexed.  

It waits while we move
and helps make
all of this 
easier for me 
to maneuver through--the directions of you,
April echoes through magnetic walls. 
I wait while you do,
content to 
make sense 
of geese who fly East 
and stars that twinkle till morning.