Saturday, October 25, 2014

Headline Poem 10/25/14 -- Curves Ahead

saw this sign on a walk, and... 

Curved Ahead 

When the street sign says 
there are curves ahead, 
do not balk or turn your back 
like an eye that's blind 
or a watch out of time. 

Shiver if it's necessary, 
but then get back behind
the wheel that turns 
where you take it. 

Salut with respect, 
tip your hat like you've 
finished the last show, 
closing night 
when you're exhausted 
but grateful 
that there were people 
to watch 
and applaud 
     who know 
nothing about 
your yellow warnings and black zigzag lines,

thankful that by watching you 
for a little bit,
they were able to forget 
their own.