Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Headline Poem 10/21/14 -- The Man on the Moon

Tonight, I saw a headline about what the earth looked like from space in the 1960's. This, and the loss of imagination that comes with youth, and a bit of undeserved trust that we give to our television news stations, inspired The Man on the Moon. 

The Man on the Moon

From my 
bedroom window
I wondered if I'd be able to see 
the man on the moon
the president promised 
would be there soon. 
I waited. 
Each night, I asked my mom and dad 
if he was up there yet. 
Not yet baby, they would say. 
But soon. 
I never saw him 
because as the nights went on,
and the years passed by,
I stopped looking up. 
I knew if he made it, 
they'd show him on the news.