Monday, October 13, 2014

Headline Poem 10/13/14 -- Falling into you

Falling into you 

I close my eyes 
like our children who fall. first
and ask   questions     later

 i didn't dare before 
out of fear 
be dropped or overlooked 
or criticized    
for my approach 
 i just knew 
   it was a game.

And although i like to play, 
 i'm no good at games 
where i become the fool,

 a patron,
crisp ticket in hand 
for the traveling show 
    calculated      and set up 
in the name of 
without     rest 
where you are rewarded. for 
earning a second guess
      What   kind   of prize is    that?! 

When lives     falter 
money thrives,
the tasks 
performed are. 
not worth the cost 
(though THEY will assure you    they are). 
      Deny the they. 

I gain confidence 
each time I decide 
to fall into you,
regardless of the rules, 
regardless of the price,
     for if you miss, 
     I'm still stronger 
     for trusting you.