Sunday, October 12, 2014

Headline Poem 10/12/14 -- You'll be my friend

You'll be my friend 

You'll be my friend 
until we can no longer 
get to each other, 
until we are out of reach, 
or out of touch,
  perhaps with reality, 
or maybe... 
well, not so much. 

You'll be my friend 
until our children's children 
have children of their own. 
I hope we will still eat cake 
       to celebrate
that turn our teeth purple and blue,
or better yet that we have teeth 
      and zest 
in which to chew. 

You'll be my friend 
even when it's hard because hey,
  we're still here, 
and it ain't always easy. 
But really,
our friendship shows up right 
where it's supposed 
    to be. 

You'll be my friend 
through the next election 
and more, 
how can it not survive 
we've already made it through 
both Georges, Bill, and Al Gore, 
and even though it was heated, 
the last two? 

You'll be my friend 
because some of my favorite memories include you. 

You'll be my friend 
until the day 
I hear you sing Gospel & Reggae while bowling and wearing 
anything but blue --
See? I get you! 

You'll be my friend 
because if I stop
you're down to one, 
characters on The Walking Dead 
shouldn't count 
(I thought you'd appreciate 
a poem in your honor ending 
with a joke, 
rather than on a sappy