Monday, September 8, 2014

Headline Poem 9/8/14 -- It's hard to understand

We're having stormy, humid, rainy weather this week in So Cal. Here is today's headline poem. 

It's hard to understand 

It's hard to understand 
I need you 
for comfort though 
you're the reason 
I hurt 
and gaze
in disbelief
 at how my life 
for the last five years 
chained and drenched 
me as I attempted 
juggle (with one arm) while poison and cobwebs dripped and spun 
         right under my growing nose. 
If I weren't me, perhaps 
I'd laugh, 
though this is no joke. 
These are 
veins and hearts, 
not empty 
record sleeves and cassette tape dreams. 
This is a real,
tangible thing. 
On display today, and 
a second hand find 
I didn't realize 
I needed 
until it unraveled itself
     in my line
a blue velvet picture of smiling 
and their perfect breasts, 
    wrapped in 
 feathers  and    pebbles, 
all wet 
the rain 
that's taken them 
and brought them 
back together