Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Headline Poem 9/3/14 -- A handsome boy from Oklahoma

I read a story about a man who drowned in an Oklahoma lake. He was in shallow water, it got deep quickly, and he couldn't swim. This reminded me of someone... 

A handsome boy from Oklahoma

They met in words, 
and for two months spoke only
in Hemingway 

He was kind. 
knew the gospel, though 
he didn't believe it. 

In Scotland,
they cooked breakfast before the sun 
     came up
and walked along the isle 
where generations 
of ghosts followed them
and sang chants in 
broken notes

left him there,
four hours above Glasgow, 
hundreds from home, 
with no goodbye or hello
because although 
fell for him, it wasn't love. 

They were young, and 
idealistic enough to know 
they could create it, 
but too restless to make it so. 

He sent her fruit baskets 
for two Christmases 
with postcards 
written in pencil 
that smelled like caramel, 
   then was gone, 
and she, 
like weathered stones,
in a shallow lake,
permanently shaped 
by him.