Saturday, September 13, 2014

Headline Poem 9/13/14 -- Its own song

Inspired by Brandi Carlile and The Avett Brothers who were in concert tonight in Berkekey, here is today's poem.  

Its own song

For those who play 
to the 
wicked and the awesome 
of what is an original 
the reward is not 
in the cup 
or the sup, 
or the ambition or recognition. 
It's in the set and regret, 
acknowledgement of disconnection 
and reconciliation,
and requested forgiveness 
(we're doing just fine,
but it's too early yet). 

Its in its own song 
that brings us to our feet 
and then turns around 
and saves 
us while we're down 
on bended knee,
crying or confessing, 
or leaving things alone. 

How can so many words 
  not be repeated 
  in all songs that 
  strangers write? 

I raise my glass to those 
know how
  to do it right,
by cheering and 
the lyrics that swerve 
our brains with lines 
that linger and rhythm 
that stays. 

Say I won't forget you 
and I know you're telling me 
the truth, 
I'm going to collect your attitude 
and blues,
because your words 
hug pretty girls from Texas and Detroit 
and introduce them to 
the Carolinas 
and the California coast, 
   and whisper,
we know you bleed and hurt 
and smoke,
but we love you just the same. 
In spite of everything, 
     the trees still know your name.