Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Headline Poem 9/17/14 -- When


When night falls and 
the leprechauns sing, 
I hum along. 

Bravely, I battle 
the distractions 
of him, a former lover who 
stopped biting back,
lonely with leaves 
that fall 
under a tree swept clean 
from the wind, 
(never a chance to gather and sit for fear  
of being noticed and split). 

     When he teetered high 
on a beam in 
a place that once dictated 
my every dream, 
I whispered to him
blades of green grass, 
      I felt the heaviness of your sins, 
     and now I'm unmoved because 
     of them. 
Healing and lighter,
I welcome the scars 
of heroes 
and helpers and saints
for the first time, 
I believe in     such     things.