Saturday, December 6, 2014

Headline Poem 12/6/14 -- I'm a gambling man

I'm a gambling man 

I see a winning hand 
from two yards down. 
I know tricks 
and how to trade 
     his for hers and
hers     for mine. 

I know the smell of sea 
and how her hair 
sparkles at midnight 
when shampoo bubbles 
mix with thick salt. 

I'm a gambling man. 
I spin alone, but 
prefer on any given night 
to be under her
I'll ask if she'll dance 
been denied more 
than my share of times. 

When the sun goes down, 
I turn to me to say
I'll get along without her 
or they
but never without me
I'm out of chips, 
and cash and all things green, 
but I'm a gambling man 
and on I play 
And on I play...