Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Headline Poem 12/16/14 -- I will never

Art by Mark Olmsted 

Tonight, I wrote a poem inspired by this art piece by Mark. I'm curious to see what he thinks, and how what I see merges with his truth. 

I will never 

I can stand on the cliffs of injustice and point my fingers 
ten or two. 

I can use your jaw that drops 
when I walk by 
to wipe up 
what's left of me and you. 

But there is   no   way, 
even at my lowest 
when I can hardly believe 
we ever tried to merge our souls,
that I will let you 
trick me with your 
condescending birds 
letters put together 
to make 
twisted lines of graffiti 
and hollowed out words. 
       I will never 
worship the ground you piss 
on as long as you