Monday, December 1, 2014

Headline Poem 12/1/14 -- Lavender and Gold

Lavender and Gold 

The window opens 
you smiling frankly
among lavender and gold, 
talking to yourself in 
whispers too soft to decode. 
  I sneak a peek 
when you think no one's 
looking, and see it 
in the kind lines of your 
complicated palm,
wearing a smile of its own. 
        A coin 
with three sides, 
glowing in seasons
wet from 
cold and ice, 
withered like 
a winter with no spring
taking up space,
 full of value
but no worth,
a piece of history 
in the absence of rebirth, 

singing openly, 
singing free,
haunting you, 
taunting me.