Friday, December 12, 2014

Headline Poem 12/12/14 -- My mother's legs

Today at a writer's retreat, we were given the following prompt: My mother's legs. Since my own mother was right next to me, I decided to write from the perspective of one of my characters. 

My mother's legs 

My mother's legs wrapped 
themselves around his 
smooth, supple skin, 
her cave of salvation, 
he welcomed her in,
but  then     like   rusting  chains
    on a forgotten fence,
she was locked out, 
denied entrance and 
     (self diagnosed)
           a fool 
straight laced, 
head pinned to wall, 
with a lonely burden
and a throat full of dust. 

My mother's legs began to wilt,
temporarily, as she lie buried 
under the belly of youth
a valley of resentment
and untrusting truth.